Sea Cucumber is powerful that can adapt and defend itself in extreme conditions. They live on the seabed where they are exposed to ongoing weather and tidal changes. These changes allow Sea Cucumber to release 'secondary active metabolites' to deal with an unfriendly environment.

Therefore, the Sea Cucumber has developed many different properties and unique features that include antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbes, anti-diabetes and anti-obesity plus many more properties.

Norwegian Sea Cucumber has high levels of antioxidants and collagen.


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  • Red Norwegian Sea Cucumber
    • Made from 100% wild-caught Sea Cucumber, treated in a clean and sustainable way
    • 100% concentrate without any additives in production
    • Low fat, high nutrition
    • Natural source of antioxidants, bioactive peptides, nutrient-rich polysaccharides
    • Omega 3 and 6 essential amino acids, frondoside and more
    • Natural source of minerals and vitamins
    • Help to protect / combat damage caused by oxidative radicals
    • Increase your energy level
    • Contributes to a smoother skin 

    Sea Cucumber has been consumed for centuries by humans due to its high level of nutrition as both a health supplement and functional food. SeaQhealth Sea Cucumber tablets can give you your quality of life, health and well-being back! 

    Try 30 days with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, or get your money back!

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Chau Diem

VERY HAPPY :-) :-)

I have been using Sea Cucumber tablets for 15 days and have noticed an incredible difference in many areas. My energy level has peaked. Now I have energy that lasts throughout the day at a demanding job and have no problem having energy for my child and my family after work. Before I was incredibly stressed and tired, but now this has been replaced with a good mood and a smile. My skin has changed and now it is fresh and glowing. I am incredibly surprised by such an effect and that my quality of life has become so good. I recommend this product and look forward to feeling changes every day. Girl 40 years. :-) 

 Chau Diem , 08.02.2021

Anita Fjellstad



I have been using SeaQhealth Sea Cucumber tablets for 3 months. The first thing I noticed was that the sugar craving became less. Which has resulted in weight loss. The energy level has really increased during this time. At the same time, sore eyes have improved. The same goes for the skin. Joints and muscles also play better on layers with the body. Recommend this product for a better everyday life. Anita, 68 years old 

 Anita Fjellstad , 08.02.2021

Eli Kjersti Torgersen



With SeaQhealth Sea Cucumber tablets, I have a whole new life. I am 65 years old and have with Sea Cucumber tablets got better vision, got energy back, good blood pressure and the skin has become much better and the glow is back. I can really recommend this product for it helps.  

 Eli Kjersti Torgersen , 08.02.2021



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